Dennis Buhl Tobias Jansson Henrik Flyman
Thor Jeppesen Artur Meinild

The music award winning heavy metal act Evil Masquerade was unintentionally formed in Copenhagen 2003 by Swedish born guitarist, composer and producer Henrik Flyman. It started out as an experiment where Henrik decided to try out a few new songs with a constellation of handpicked local musicians. This soon evolved into an album release and it didn't take long before the music had spread to the corners of the world. In some countries, such as Japan, the debut album 'Welcome to the Show' even entered the charts. Henrik soon realized that this was the band he had always wanted without knowing it. From that day Evil Masquerade became a main priority of his. The aim and direction; To keep it unique and do it great!

Such a band of course required skilled musicians. One of the longest lasting members, drummer Dennis Buhl, joined the band already on the debut album and has played on all recordings except 'Fade to Black'. The sophomore outing, 'Theatrical Madness', saw the light one year after the debut and in connection to the 2005 live shows bass player Thor Jeppesen joined. Throughout the years there have been a few lineup changes around this trinity ground core, but they always managed to keep and develop their trademark sound. Today stability reigns in a closely united 5-piece that includes keyboard player Artur Meinild and powerhouse vocalist Tobias Jansson. The sixth studio album 'The Digital Crucifix' is released 10 years after their debut to celebrate a decade of Evil Masquerade and much more to come.

Managed by Dark Minstrel Music.
Releases: 6 albums + 3 singles + 4 videos
Awards: JPF Music Award (US) for Best Songwriting 2009.
Charity: 'Let's Unite in Rock' (Metal For Cancer)
Most famous song: 'Black Ravens Cry' (on iTunes)
Former notable guests and members include: David Rosenthal (key), Tony Carey (key), Mats Olausson (key), Johan Niemann (bass), Apollo Papathanasio (voc)

Dennis Buhl Artur Meinild Tobias Jansson Thor Jeppesen Henrik Flyman